Websites with technical excellence, beautiful media, and engaging content.

Made by a small team, or just by me. With focus, speed and surprisingly affordable.

I offer one-stop solutions: if your company needs a website, with content, (re)branding, social media integration and optional hosting. I also offer my skills as a freelancer: back-end and front-end web development (JavaScript/PHP/WordPress), interface design, content writing, photography and film.

I believe that meaningful, intelligent content, coupled with beautiful imagery, will let people engage with your company, institution or government agency. In a way, these are the times to cut the crap. To focus on common sense. To speak rather than shout. And to deliver rather then promise.

I am Johan Ouendag, and I was born (in 1965) in The Netherlands.

I started my career working at the Dutch Postbank Bank (now ING), programming in Cobol and Assembler on an IBM MVS 370 Mainframe.

I have since been self-employed, though for some years I have worked in elderly care. I currently program in HTML, PHP, JavaScript and jQuery. Please see my LinkedIn profile for my past experience.

Photography has always been a passion, and proved helpful when I took up filming. Language (writing copy) is, I think, one of my talents. These skills have led to larger projects over time, and for larger companies too. Nonetheless, I still enjoy creating a website and an online 'branding' for smaller companies.

I believe that a style of communication which assumes an intelligent audience, and focuses on content rather then 'phrases' constitutes a better marketing practice in the longer run. To create a lasting bonding with an audience, communication has to be both beautiful (images) and meaningful (texts).

In my personal life, I am interested in organic vegetable gardening, animals, and politics. I enjoy reading a good Agatha Christie. My wife and I are both vegetarians.

A professional presence
I love to create a comprehensive online presence for a client. The central question is always: how will a website visitor perceive your services or products? As coherent, purposeful and professional?

Professionalism is enhanced by offering concise and meaningful information, by which you demonstrate expertise and involvement with the needs of your clients. This will bring visitors to return to your site and/or request your services.

Focus and pace
I mostly work alone (though occasionally with the assistance of colleagues). This means your web project can be easily managed, realized quickly, and at lower costs. Design proposals ('look and feel') and feedback iterations can be performed quickly. A small team increases focus and often results in a more coherent website design, making your online communication appear stronger.

In short, I (or we) can manage a project, design and build a website, create content (copy, photography and film), host the website on a quality webhosting platform, ensure integration with social media, create print-work, instruct users, design and document procedures, write manuals, set up social media and e-mail campaigns, and manage and execute periodical updates if needed.

I warmly welcome you to contact me for a sparring session (without obligation) on options and opportunities.

Webdesign & implementation:
PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, WordPress.

Media & content
Adobe Photoshop & LightRoom, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Audition.

SEO & Social media OG, JSON-LD structured data, Twitter Cards, Facebook & Linkedin integration.

Photography & Film equipment
Leica S2 medium format, Canon 550d, Zeiss Milvus lenses, Panasonic Varicam LT filmcamera.

English (fluent in writing) and Dutch, rudimentary French, German, Italian & Finnish.

Projects are usually charged based on a fixed price agreed in advance. The rate for follow-up maintenance and updates is also agreed in advance.

Free-lance rates vary between € 58 and € 108, depending on project size and setting.

Prices are excluding 21% VAT.

Primagine Online Communication
Johan Ouendag
Bleijenbeek 17
5851 Afferden (Limburg)
The Netherlands

Mobile 00316 4830 3697

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